OVERLAND PARK, Kan., January 15, 2023 – Heartland Soccer Association, the leader in youth soccer leagues and tournament organization in the U.S., is excited to kick off the much-anticipated 2024 Spring League, the weekend of February 23-25. With a record breaking participation of over 1,350 teams and 22,000 players aged 9 to 19, Heartland Soccer solidifies Kansas City’s status as the Soccer Capital of America. 

The league, known for its commitment to excellence, offers an exceptional playing experience at four world-class turf facilities, including Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex and Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex. Open to players of all skill levels, the league embraces recreational and premier teams from across the Midwest, fostering healthy competition among 170 soccer clubs. 

Shane Hackett, Heartland Soccer’s esteemed executive director, expressed his excitement for the upcoming Spring season, stating, “We’re thrilled to witness a consistent rise in team registrations for our league each season. Our initial goal was to sustain our current numbers, considering our four complexes have been operating at nearly full capacity. Notably, we observe continued expansion in the younger age groups, with more teams choosing Kansas City as their destination to enjoy our world-class facilities and compete against teams from across the Midwest. A heartfelt welcome to all our players, coaches, referees, and parents as they return to our soccer complexes.” 

In addition to the highly regarded league play, Heartland Soccer hosts 14 exceptional tournaments annually. These tournaments attract an impressive lineup of over 3,700 teams and 59,000 youth players from 16 states, including Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Illinois, as well as Canada. 

To discover more about Heartland Soccer’s esteemed league, tournaments, and exclusive sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.heartlandsoccer.net. 

About Heartland Soccer Association 

Heartland Soccer, the largest youth soccer league in the United States, boasts an impressive roster of more than 2,700 league teams and 3,700 tournament teams annually. With a staggering count of 100,000 youth soccer players, 4,000 coaches, and 2,000 active referees, Heartland Soccer Association has established itself as a prominent organization since its inception in 1977. Starting with 600 players, the association has expanded its reach to encompass teams from 16 states and international participants, offering both league play and tournaments. For further details, please visit www.heartlandsoccer.net. 

Heartland Soccer extends a range of opportunities for league and tournament sponsorship. Partnerships serve as integral members in nurturing an ever-growing soccer family within the community. Sponsorship not only amplifies brand visibility for businesses but also directly contributes to the development of Kansas City’s youth through soccer. To explore sponsorship options, kindly reach out to Bridgette Samuelson, Director of Partnership Development and Operations, at bridgette@heartlandsoccer.net.